Monday, January 15, 2018

RVs and fire pits can equal lies and consequences

It was hard to believe that in just two and a half months, I had a new life that I enjoyed more than I ever thought possible.
I was in school and had made several friends. I was in several classes with people older than me. I fit in just fine with them. I was even making decent grades. I excelled in computer class and creative writing class. Mom and I had moved across the road from where we lived originally with my grandma, into this cute white ,2 bedroom house. 
Mom spent her free time, sprucing the place up as she always had in our homes. She worked a lot as a housekeeper for government buildings. 
There was some work that needed to be done on the kitchen and outside and though she was capable of doing anything and everything, she didn't have a lot of extra time or money. So she decided to ask Chris to fix our floor and the banaster outside. He built homes for a living at the time so he was the right person to do the job. She insisted on paying him and he insisted on her not paying him... Two of the more stubborn people I ever knew. Their cute, friendly arguments were hilarious. Arguing about what time "dinner" was . Chris insisted dinner and supper were opposite of what mom said. They eventually agreed to disagree on that. 
Over time, my interest in school became lessened as the days went on. I wanted to be with Chris. I had no interest in being at school. 
I met a girl who was two years older than me . She was known around there as a trouble making, drinking, female and the second mom met her ,mom told me " that girl isn't your real friend. She is only out for herself and you both together are nothing but trouble. Stay away from her". I argued that. I saw her as a friend. 
Telling me no about something wasn't working for me.  She had a car and was not afraid to dip out on school to go do sketchy things. 
Mom sent me to school on the bus and the girl was waiting in her car from me to get off the bus and walk out the side door of the school so we could go swimming. Our plan worked flawlessly. I wanted to go see Chris. He knew nothing of our schemes. He wouldn't have approved. So off to Chris's we went. 
The look on his face after looking at his watch, then back at me told me he wasn't happy I skipped school. I told him I just wanted to spend the day with him instead. After a little while, he chilled out. I asked him if we could get some drinks and go swimming. I had planned everything out so I could be home before Mom got there and make it seem as if I went to school. 
Smirnoff ice and swimming sure beat being in a classroom all day. Chris asked me to not make that a habit. Sure..
We had a blast as always. I sobered up and was taken home. My mom didn't suspect anything out of the ordinary for me. 
That weekend Chris and a couple planned for us all to have a double date-camping trip, at the girl's family lake spot in their RV. I knew mom wouldn't ever allow me to spend the night with Chris so I had to improvise... Lie. 
I asked her if I could attend a sleepover at the new girl's house I skipped school with that week. I told Mom it was all girls and would be all night. She wanted to confirm with the girls mom. 
I always had things figured out. So I had the girl whose RV we were using, call Mom and act like the other girls mom. It worked. I told Mom thanks and I would see her sometime the next day.  I didn't have a cell phone so she only had my word to go on and the only phone we had between the four of us to call if needed. 
I was so excited. We drove down to the lake with this nice RV. Stopping at the liquor store and fast food joints on the way. 
Once there, it was getting dark. We unpacked and started to get our things settled inside. The guys started a fire in the fire pit. 
I had been mixing alcoholic beverages for awhile now so I had plenty experience of making everyone an amazing drink. 
The later it got,the closer it came to us having to go inside to sleep. I had liquid courage by then and my nervousness had waved goodbye to me at Margaretta#3. And was far away by tequila shot #4.
It made for an interesting first night with Chris. 
Not any of us slept much that night. 
Two bedroom RV with a bathroom, shower and kitchen was incredibly awesome. It was hard to leave the next day. I had to prepare myself for Mom's questions about my all girl sleepover.. 
It wasn't like I enjoyed lying about these things but the truth wasn't comfortable to tell her. Plus I didn't want her mad at Chris. It wasn't his idea or fault. He never forced me to do anything. He was my voice of reason almost always. 
Going from the best night/weekend ever to acting like I had stayed up all night talking about girl stuff and having pillow fights was a huge jump. 
It was that weekend I went from liking Chris alot to falling in love with him. 
I was already planning another trip overnight with him. 
That week at school,the computer class I was in, needed students to pay a fee to continue the particular lesson. So mom gave me the money for the class. I had every intention on paying for it also. 
But then I had an idea yet again.. I called school skipping friend and had her pick me up from my house after mom left for work that morning and have her take me to Chris again.
He had spent his money on us that weekend and wasn't getting paid until that Friday. I wanted to go drinking and swimming again. I didn't tell anyone how I aquired the money to pay for the alcohol and they didn't ask. We spent half of my computer class money on more alcohol. Smirnoff ice isn't cheap at all. But I wouldn't drink anything else. Off to the swimming hole again. 
That next weekend Chris said there would be a party in the mines. I was frustrated because I knew mom wouldn't let me go. He was old enough to not have to answer to any parent so he could come and go as he pleased. I felt like I was mature enough to not have to answer for anything also. I was almost 16. I knew more than my mom... 
I knew it all. 
I conjured up yet another plan and lie to my mom about what I was doing and where. She didn't have reason to not believe me so she let me go to a late movie that would turn into another sleepover with all girls. I had to make up names for these imaginary girls. I was a big fat liar. 
Alcohol and lots of people in the middle of nowhere doesn't mix well. Guys I didn't know were hitting on me not knowing I was dating Chris. Someone they wouldn't dare mess with. They found out quickly who I was dating and it wasn't a pleasant sight. Hours of dancing and hit and miss fights, with drinking included, is tiring. No one had a tent. Everyone but a few left for home and we decided to stay. None of us were capable of safely driving anywhere. The only choice was to park the truck by the fire pit and sleep in the bed of the truck... In September, the days are hot but the nights, not so much. It wasn't comfortable. But Chris and I made the best of it. 
When I woke up to the sound of birds chirping, my eyes saw nothing but blue sky. I panicked briefly. Why wasn't I in my room?
Why was I outside?
Why am I sleeping on a cold bottom of a bed of a truck with a ball hitch that was in the strangest of places? Where are the rest of my clothes? Why do I smell like a BBQ pit and alcohol?
Ohhhhh. Now I know. Once I looked over and saw Chris passed out, it all came back.. or most of it. Jumping up and off the tailgate, I was searching for a towel or blanket or anything. I found some of my clothes. Enough to cover myself and figure out what time it was. I woke Chris up telling him I had to call Mom before she came searching for me. 
That was enough cause to get him moving. There were no cell phones either had to use. 
The truck started moving and doors opened. Two people that did not come there with each other,come wobbling out. Looking as confused as I was. The other two people that the two from inside the truck had came with were on the ground together. 
I couldn't help myself.. I said " well, looks like I misplaced most of my clothes and you four misplaced and switched out your girls."
They didn't see the humor. 
Chris and I got ourselves together enough to take me home. I still didn't know what time it was or if mom had tried finding me. 
The walk of shame is always the worst. But to do it in front of your mom is really bad. She invited Chris inside. She seemed fine. She asked how my night was at the all girl sleepover. 
I was hoping she wouldn't question me too much. I felt horrible physically. Hangovers aren't fun. I was terrified she would question Chris. She asked him" so how was your night"?
He shook his head. She asked how we met up since we weren't at the same place. Chris just stood there  I wasn't feeling well and wasn't on top of all the lies I had told. I told her I called him to come get me that morning. She turned to him. " Well that was awful nice of you to go get my daughter from her sleepover".
Chris said nothing. 
Mom asked " so, Tiffany, you were there all night? You weren't with Chris"?
I said no. 
Mom wasn't an idiot. So she said " no to which question"?
Then I became bratty and told her to leave me alone and stop giving me the third degree so early.
She smirked. Now I was really worried. Why is she smirking like that!? 
Mom said" Tiffany, it's 3:20pm. I don't consider that early. Maybe it's just me though".
I snapped back . " Well excuse me, I haven't checked the time. I haven't been awake long"!!
Mom said " look, I'm not as stupid as you think I am. Other than the fact you two have spent almost every day with each other and are extremely close, you both have black soot on your faces and arms and your top is inside out and backwards, your underwear is hanging out of your front pocket and you have a hickey the size of Texas on your neck. Tell me again you weren't together last night and probably last weekend also".
Chris's face was red as a tomato, I know my mouth dropped to my shoes. 
Crap. Now what genuis.
She told us both to sit down. 
I was afraid to protest it. 
Calmly mom said " you know if you tell me the truth,no matter what it's about, you'll be in far less trouble than if you lie and then keep lying. Because it isn't just one little lie. You have to keep up that lie with more lies and then it comes to you lying to my face. I didn't raise you to be a liar. "
Now I felt bad. 
Chris chimed in and I'm thankful. 
He apologized to her and explained where we went and told her most everything. Leaving out inappropriate details. I told Mom I was sorry for lying and knew the truth would have been better. 
She decided I was grounded and would have to do all chores before I could see Chris each day. That sucked, but fine .
She said if I lied again, she would stop me from seeing him. 
It went better than I anticipated. 
Mom really liked Chris and was supportive of us but didn't want me to do stupid things. 
Chris would come in a few times a week after school while mom was home and mom would cook these amazing meals for us . I was a picky eater but he wasn't so she was thrilled to make food that someone would enjoy. 
I quit lying to her in big ways. I would not detail certain things because, well , I just didn't. 
Fall break was around the corner and I planned to spend time with him then instead of skip out on school. 
Lessons learned are always learned the hard way. Or it was for me anyway. Mom didn't deserve to be lied to. She was too good to me and I could be honest with her.  
Chris continuesly worked on the things mom asked him to do at the house and I was finally in a place where I didn't have to fake a smile. 
I spent time with Mom that I hadn't before and was building a relationship with Chris and rebuilding one with mom. Things were going really well for once...
It's too bad that good times don't always last as you would like them too. If I would have known that within 6 weeks, our world would be flipped upside down, I would have slowed down and taken the happiness in more. 
Time is definitely not on my side. Not then,nor ever.
God was preparing me for future tragedy, setting the stage for events I never wanted and I didn't see it coming...

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