Monday, January 8, 2018

New Girl In Town

Starting my new life in a different state hours away from the place I grew up in was a bit nerve racking. Mom reassured me constantly. I needed this fresh start. But I was forced away and to leave everything and everyone I'd known for so long. I had a boyfriend off and on for years that I had to leave, a few decent friends, family and routine. All of that I had to say goodbye to and start over. That's not easy on anyone but a young teen who had so much unstableness,was even more difficult. 
I had to start a new school my first year of high school.. ugh. That was enough by itself. But this was summer vacation and I was determined to meet new people and have some fun before new reality kicked in. On the long ride with Mom to my new place, she kept mentioning this guy that was the best friend of family there. That was furthest from my mind but I humored her. I had an older cousin that mom decided I should hang out with and let him introduce me to his friends. Once there, I was welcomed by family I hadn't seen in such a long time. All was going well. I followed my mom's advice and went with my cousin to meet his friends. Like always, everyone I had met was older than me. I was always the youngest in the room. 
The first stop was to meet a good friend of everyone there. After my introduction, I was offered marijuana. I turned it down at first. I didn't know them all of 10 minutes and I already found where I could score drugs... I was a magnet for trouble,I'm telling ya. I decided I would wait until we left before I would partake in the marijuana smoking. On our way to home #2, we lit it up. 
I knew from the first hit, I should have never agreed. It was after half of the joint was gone that I felt giggly... Thinking to myself: ' you're going to meet people for the first time and you're baked.. great first impression genius'.
Cousin interrupted my thoughts with " we're going to my best friends place, the one your mom told you about".
Mini panic attack and heart palpitations started. 
Go figure. The guy everyone wants me to meet and who they say is such a good guy, is going to meet me while I'm freaking stoned!
Yeah. Once there I met one person and was told we could come inside and wait on the others to get back from swimming. 
See, pot and I never worked out. I always tripped out and puked if it was too strong. I asked this person whom I'd never met before , to use his restroom. I threw up in the toilet. 
I splashed water on my face, avoiding my reflection in their mirror because I couldn't look at the mess that would be staring back at me. I made it to the couch and laid down. I was asked if I was ok... Uh yeah. Just stoned and I puked in the bathroom.. nice to meet you again... 
Next thing I know more people whom I'd never met, come walking in. I was afraid to open my eyes but hell, why not?
I looked up to see this toothless smiling guy looking down at me. 
"Uhh, hi. I'm Tiffany. Nice to meet you"
Feeling like I had entered twilight zone.
A female walked in, did a double take off this young girl on her couch and proceeded to the restroom... 
Apparently the toilet didn't flush. Or maybe I was just too high and thought I flushed but didn't? Who knows. I heard her say loudly " someone puked all in the bathroom, what the hell"!?!?
I sat up on the couch and this other guy walked up onto the porch, he was cute so I smiled.
His eyes widened and he ducked behind the door..
I thought what the hell is his deal!?
The others said " Tiffany, and that's Chris"
So this is the guy my mom raved about!?
He hid from me!
On our way out, I turned back and purposefully looked right at this Chris guy and said " nice to meet you as well, maybe next time I won't scare you so badly".
Smiled and waved. He grinned but I still didn't understand why he had that type of reaction. 
I checked the mirror inside the truck thinking I had puke in my hair or shirt... But no. Just bloodshot eyes. 
I asked how come Chris ducked out on me. I was told he was shy..
Shy? I never knew any shy guys. 
I was left more confused and intrigued by this Chris guy I had heard so much about before I ever met him and certainly before he hid behind a door when he saw me. 😁😑
I sobered up and went home. My mom was so excited to hear all about my first time out as the new girl in town. 
I told her everything... Well minus the guy giving us pot.. and minus me smoking the pot and puking and laying on random people's couch because I was so high..but I told her everything but those details.
I asked her why she thought that guy would hide from me. .. she laughed. 
This was serious and she's laughing..
Her theory was " honey, he was probably caught off guard and wasn't prepared for your presence" 
I knew she was being sarcastic. 
His reaction bothered me but also made me want to talk to him. .
I had my cousin take me to meet him again. 
He was at work though. That was definitely weird to me. He was old enough to work? Cool.
I met other friends that week.  But out of everyone I met, my mind kept going back to the guy who hid behind a dang door. 
One day I was hanging clothes out on the clothes line with mom and a car pulled up at my cousin's house. When I saw who was driving, my stomach filled with butterflies ❤
I tried ignoring them but I failed. 
Mom encouraged me to go say hi. 
I did and we talked about everything. Well, I did. I was and still am a talker 😂😎
His mysterious ways only intrigued me more. 
I told my mom I was determined to figure this guy out..
That Saturday Chris came by. He asked me if I would attend his family get-together with him...
I declined at first. Then he asked my mom. Mom set her rules and agreed to let me go. I ran inside and threw on what I thought was a cute top and jeans. 
I met his mom first. She was the sweetest thing. 
She was all for me going with them. Once we arrived, my nerves kicked in. My thoughts ran wild. " What are you doing here. You don't know him well and you don't know a soul here"!
It was too late. We were there and I couldn't legally drive so I made the best of it. 
I stuck by Chris's side. He was so kind and polite. His family was as well. They kept whispering to Chris " who is that? "
* She's really pretty, what's she doing with you"?
" Is this your new girlfriend"?
I felt awkward. 
Before leaving,his mom asked me to take a photo of them together. Of course I would!
Then Chris awkwardly asked me " would you mind taking a picture WITH me"?
Umm. Sure. I replied.
He made me feel like a celebrity with how Happy he was that I agreed for a photo.
He was the most giddy guy I'd ever seen over me. 
He took me back home and asked to hang out the next day just he and I. I happily agreed. 
My mom pumped me for information and details of my day out.
I became just as giddy as Chris was earlier when I took a photo with him.(pictured below)
This new move may just work after all, I thought to myself...
That day was just the beginning of future adventures with new guy Chris. 
Life at that point wasn't so bad.
Meeting Chris was literally life changing.....
God knew what He was doing as He always does...
When I was with him, I momentarily forgot about the pain and the things of the past....
Having my mom's approval was a bonus as well. 
Then, I would have never thought Chris would be such a huge, important part of my or my mom's life....
My life has always been filled with ironic things. I'm not surprised now about anything....
2007 summer was the start of a future I never knew could exist.........

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